This is an updated web version of my Ludum Dare 43 ending. It's made for a friend who I drew for our belated Sinterklaas party (think Secret Santa). He'll have to finish it to find his present. I've changed the look of the loot and the sea shanties accordingly, otherwise this is an update of my original game.

This update touches up the UI, rebalances the game and tweaks the movement a little based on feedback. I also made it a web version, because I find those much easier to review and wanted to try it out for the next LD. When running as a web-application, I've encountered a bug where loot isn't properly collected. I haven't been able to replicated it when running in Unity, and haven't found a fix.

Do note that this is a slightly changed version, so if you want to be strict with your rating you should play the original version, found here:

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