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My entry for Ludum Dare 43. Hunt down merchant ships, blast them to pieces and loot their valuables. Just watch out for your friendly neighbourhood Eldritch Horror.

If it gets to close, you might want to throw a crewmember overboard. Sure, your ship's performance will suffer, and the "volunteer" will be horribly devoured. But better him than you. And hey, more loot for the survivors, right?

Okay, so serious time: This game is only barely done. The in-game UI showing you your score was left out due to time constraints so you only see your score when you finish, the cursor is still a default arrow, I couldn't find a free sound loop of a steam engine anywhere...

Nonetheless, I made a game. Not a very polished game, but still. Give it a spin if you want. Escape brings up a how-to and control list.

Post-Jam update: I spend an hour or two to add a few small quality-of-life improvments to the game. I finished the in-game UI so you can more easily view your current stats and I expanded the score screen at the end of the game. I fixed some mistakes in the terrain that could get your ship stuck in seemingly open water, as well as made sure the merchant ships don't get stuck so easily. I added a blinking-effect to the loot that starts when you're within looting range. 

If you want to judge my entry stricktly as it was at the end of the jam, take the original. If you want to have a bit more fun playing, take the new one. There isn't that much more work in it.

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SteampiratesOfBermuda_LDjam43.zip 25 MB
UpdatedBuild.zip 23 MB
UpdatedBuildMac.zip 28 MB

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